Can Calcium Actually Damage Your Heart?

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Dear Reader,
During my latest yearly visit to my doctor, I was quite surprised to be asked about my calcium supplement intake. Citing a recently released study done by researchers at John Hopkins and given my family history of heart disease, I was strongly warned to limit my intake of supplemental calcium. 
I had to know more and went home to do my own research and found that indeed, there is evidence to warrant making a very careful calcium supplement choice and how much to take. The 10 year long study involving 2,700 people was published Oct. 10th, 2016 in The Journal of The American Heart Association.

While a diet high in calcium rich foods appears to be heart protective, taking calcium supplements made from non-food sources may increase the risk of plague build up in the arteries and heart damage. Apparently not all forms of calcium make it to our bones and what is not excreted in urine is thought to accumulate in soft tissues such as the heart. 

The synopsis of the study states, "There is clearly something different in how the body uses and responds to supplements versus intake through diet that makes it riskier," says Anderson. "It could be that supplements contain calcium salts, or it could be from taking a large dose all at once that the body is unable to process." 

As Americans, we tend to think ; if a bit is good, a lot must be better. But this could be dangerous thinking when it comes to calcium supplements from non-food sources. Keep your intake of these under 1,000 mgs per day or better yet chose a plant based calcium supplement.

Plants are a great source of safe dietary calcium and especially beneficial for those who are intolerant of calcium rich dairy products. If you don't care for the greens or have a hard time getting your children to eat them, herbal extracts from herbs high in calcium can be a safe and palatable substitute. 

I was relieved to find, once again, that the Creators wisdom can be trusted. Natures abundant gifts are an incredible provision in so many ways. Herbs and particularly those high in calcium, will continue to be a daily part of keeping myself and my family strong and healthy. 

It is our continued pleasure here at Mountain Meadow Herbs to bring nature's very best nourishing and healing gifts to you and your family. And today shipping is on us !

Committed to your health,

Kathy Garber
Mountain Meadow Herbs   
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10 Calcium-Rich Greens and Herbs
For safe and protective calcium intake
Collard Greens

Calcium content: 

268 milligrams per 1 cup cooked

Nettle Leaf

Calcium content:

2,900 milligrams per 100 mgs

Safe for children

Turnip Greens

Calcium content:

197 milligrams per 1 cup cooked

Valerian Root

Calcium content:

4,200 milligrams per 100 mgs

Not recommended for children

Curly Kale

Calcium content:

172 milligrams per 1 cup cooked

Horsetail Herb

Calcium content:

1,910 milligrams per 100 mgs

Safe for children


Calcium content:

122 milligrams per 1/2 cup cooked

Oat-straw Herb

Calcium content:

1,430 milligrams per 100 mgs

Safe for children


Calcium content:

160 milligrams per 100 grams

Chamomile Flowers

Calcium content:

672 milligrams per 100 mgs

Safe for children

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