Liquid Herbal Extracts

Up to 70% more effective than capsules or tablets

Kelly Pris
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What exactly is in those little bottles? 

Herbal extracts and tinctures, in simple terms, are liquid remedies carrying the beneficial properties of the leaves, flowers, and roots of herbs and even the bark of certain trees.

Alcohol, distilled water, glycerin and vinegar are used in a variety of extracting processes as the medium for extracting and capturing nature’s treasures for our benefit.

A tincture generally contains very high alcohol content, while an extract can be alcohol free or have a low alcohol content. Most processes use more than one extracting medium and may or may not involve using heat.

Benefits of herbal extracts

The benefits of using an herbal remedy in liquid form are nearly as simple as the golden extracts themselves.

Consider these:

  • Purity
    Extracts are very pure; the process at any reputable manufacturer is simple. There is no need for any additives like the dangerous fillers, flow agents or glue that is routinely used in capsule and tablet manufacture.

  • Powerful form of delivery
    If you want an herbal remedy that works, it does not get much better than a liquid herbal extract. According to Terry Willard, PhD of Wild Rose College and author of the classic textbook Modern Herbology liquid extracts are up to 70% more effective than capsules or tablets.

    The plant matter used to make capsules and tablets is ground into a fine powder months in advance of capsule production, exposing the beneficial properties to rapid oxidation. Plus, when the capsule or tablet reaches your stomach, it must then be broken down by digestive fluids before it is finally available to improve your health.

    A liquid extract is immediately available for assimilation into your blood stream. In fact, the benefits of a bitter herbal extract begin when it hits your tongue. Science proves neurotransmitters trigger positive responses throughout the digestive system at once.

  • Child Friendly
    Liquid extracts are very child friendly. Many moms have patiently ground tablets or opened capsules and mixed the powder with food or drink and, by coercion or bribing, convinced her unwilling child to take the remedy.

    Because extracts are a naturally concentrated remedy, infants only need a few drops and children need less than a ¼ teaspoon in general. Children will often develop a taste for high-quality extracts and even ask for them.

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