Herbal Flora Plus Capsules Herbal Flora Plus Capsules

Herbal Flora Plus Capsules

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Beyond Probiotics

• Stabalize colonic pH

• Restore proper bacterial balance

• May help avoid reactions to certain foods

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A healthy digestive tract is imperative to vibrant health, especially in the intestines where most of what you take in is absorbed. Our delicate intestinal bacteria balance is often destroyed, creating a chronically unhealthy condition. Many of today's diseases may be a result of this because the bad bacteria takes over, limiting nutrient absorption and suppressing the immune system. 

Herbal Flora Plus will flourish in your intestinal track and crowd out the bad bacteria restoring balance and ideal health. 

Herbal Flora Plus named 2017 CPG Editor's Choice Award Finalist

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily 20-30 minutes before a meal or snack with 6-8oz of juice or purified water. Not suggested for children under 5 due to choking hazard.

Symbiotic proprietary blend of Prebiotic/Probiotic Consortia with SBOs 500 mg

L. Acidophilus

Bifidobacterium Bifidum

L. Rhamnosus

L. Lactis

L. Plantarum

L. Casei

B. Licheniformis

B. Subtilis

Soil Based Organisms

Other Ingredients: Humic/Fulvic Acids, Bilberry leaf, Ginger root/rhizome, Milk Thistle seed, Cilantro leaf, Bee pollen Chicory root, Burdock root, and hypromellose.

Bee Pollen helps reduce histamine which may minimize allergic reactions

Chicory root contains inulin, a soluble fiber that feeds digestive flora in the intestines.

Burdock root contains mucilage that aids and eases digestion, absorbs toxins, and can soothe inflammation in the digestive tract. Burdock root also contains Inulin.

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  • Kelly Pris on 10/05/2017 15:15:08

    I love this product. Really helped with my digestion.