Stress & Sleep Formula

Stress & Sleep Formula

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Relax Naturally

• Calming herbs help you stay relaxed

• Fall asleep faster

• Avoid daytime stress build-up

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Stress & Sleep is safe and natural support for those of us who need a little help coping with stress in our lives.

The calming herbs may help you to relax and fall asleep and can be used day or night. You’ll enjoy a good night of restful sleep without next day drowsiness.

Suggested Use: 12+ yrs: 1/4 tsp 

Take in water 1-3 times daily or 1/4 tsp. 1/2 hour before bedtime.  

TIP: Herbal Calcium can be taken along with Stress & Sleep Formula to provide even more relief.

Cautions: Not suggested for expecting women or children under 12. Use with caution if you are taking prescription anticonvulsive, anti-platelet and/or anticoagulant drugs (e.g. aspirin and warfarin). Discontinue use 7 days before any surgery. 

Proprietary Blend of Extracts from: Passionflower leaf, Eleuthero root, Hops flower, St. John's Wort herb, Catnip leaf and flower, Skullcap herb.

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  • Andy Wurtz on 10/13/2015 22:00:00

    Stress Relief

    This is a product I would recommend to all that have a problem sleeping, ever since my wife has used it she gets more sleep and is rested in the morning, and it really helps for twisting and turning while she sleeps, she has tried different products including prescription drugs but Stress and Sleep seem to work best. (Excellent product)

  • Mountain Meadow Herbs, Inc., Admin on 10/12/2015 22:00:00

    Calm mind, great sleep

    I'm the type of person whose brain just stirs with to-do lists and details when I'm trying to be quiet enough to get to sleep. I used to take one over-the-counter sleep/pain med when it got really bad, but that left me feeling drowsy and fuzzy when I woke up in the morning. Enter Stress and Sleep. I take a little of this every night about half hour before I want to be sleeping. I continue to read while I let it calm me, eventually feeling the gentle pull of sleep. I have not found it to be at all habit-forming, as I take it happily on work nights but don't even think about it on weekends. It leaves me feeling refreshed the next morning and not at all fuzzy, having had a restful night's sleep.