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• Midwife Approved

• Normalize circulation

• Maintain strong, healthy capillaries

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The miracle of carrying a new life does not have to be accompanied by ugly, uncomfortable veins. This powerful combination of herbs may support and strengthen healthy normal veins.

Suggested Use : Adults take 1/4 teaspoon in water 1-3 times daily.

Note: If you are taking Gentle Birth Formula please reduce Vari-Plex dosage to 1/8 teaspoon in water 1-3 times daily

Proprietary Blend of Extracts from: Bayberry bark, Bilberry leaf, Bilberry fruit.

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  • Darlene Byler on 02/19/2018 12:08:59

    I can't tell a bit of difference when I take this. Super disappointed in my waste of money!

  • Dejah Ray on 11/07/2017 05:36:19

    I was having constant pain from my varicose veins during pregnancy. The only thing that felt good was laying down. My midwife recommended this product and almost instantly I am back to my old self! I cannot believe how fast and well it works. If you have varicose veins it is worth a try!!

  • Lisa Pankratz on 03/02/2017 08:56:40

    Forgot to add the 5 stars to my review!

  • Julie Adam on 10/13/2015 22:00:00


    After years of burning pain, just a couple of days using Vari-Plex took the burn away and actually kept it away for several months. This is a product that I cannot live without. Never thought I would get relief from a little brown bottle, but this one definitely works for me!

  • Lisa Pankratz on 12/28/2016 09:02:55

    I have fairly severe varicose veins I developed over the course of 9 pregnancies. My husband has a few varicose veins that "run in his family." We can both testify that Vari-plex immediately takes away the aching discomfort that comes sometimes with varicose veins. We have also tried bilberry....that does help, but this herbal formula is WONDERFUL! We are on a very tight budget, but this is so effective that we try to fit this one in.