Vision Support Package Vision Support Package

Vision Support Package

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Clear, crisp central vision • One 2 oz. Eye-Can-C • One 2 oz. LiverGlow • One 60-count CoQ10 softgels

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What we consume is considered by natural health care practitioners to have a direct impact on the eyes.

Choosing a diet rich in plant matter with their nourishing minerals and vitamins is a great place to start. And yes, spinach is good for you!

A NIH Eye Disease Case-Control study done in 1995, found that eating spinach or collard greens 5 times a week noticeably reduced the risk of vision loss.

Keeping your liver in great shape is also key. Fat soluble vitamins and glutathione are stored here and B vitamins are activated by the liver.

Much of what your body needs to repair the eyes is stored in the liver.

Opinions on the best herbs for the eyes vary, however most include eyebright, bilberry and those used to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Bilberry jam was reportedly eaten by British pilots to improve night vision during World War II.

Eyebright flowers resemble the eyes and this herb enjoys a long history of traditional use as a natural vision support.

Gingko bilboa seems to increase blood circulation to the back of the eye and is an increasingly popular part of herbal combinations used to support clear, crisp central vision.

Co-Enzyme Q10 is found in every cell of the human body including the eyes. May stabilize visual functions.

Eye-Can-C contains potent extracts of: Bilberry fruit, Eyebright herb, Ginko Biloba leaf, Grape seed, Gentian root, Ginger root, Eluthero root, Schizandra root, Hawthorn berry, Tumeric root, Propolis resin.

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