Weight Control Shake/Caps/WCF2 Pkg - Vanilla Weight Control Shake/Caps/WCF2 Pkg - Vanilla

Weight Control Shake/Caps/WCF2 Pkg - Vanilla

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Nourishing Meal Replacement • Satisfies hunger • Great Vanilla flavor • More servings per container • Shake + Capsules + Formula • Safe for Women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant.

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While our Weight Control Shake has always been one of the healthiest shakes around, we constantly struggled with making it taste great. The cause of this was also what set our shake apart from others on the market—the inclusion of essential nutrients like CoQ10 and Vitamin D3 as well as the superfood Spirulina.

Since covering up that undesirable flavor would have involved way too much sugar and other artificial ingredients, we decided to pull out all of those vitamins and put them in a capsule, leaving a Weight Control shake that's delicious and packed with high quality protein. Plus, we've developed not one, but three great flavors for you to enjoy.

Use the shake as a delicious meal replacement or substitute for two daily snacks. Additional healthy fats are provided by dried coconut oil powder.

Flavors: Vanilla Bean, Fresh Strawberry, and Milk Chocolate

Suggested Use: Blend 2 scoops with 8 oz water, or milk of your choice. Drink 1 shake per day to replace either 1 meal or 2 snacks. Comes with Weight Control Caps and Weight Control Formula II.

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  • Mountain Meadow Herbs, Inc., Admin on 04/10/2016 22:00:00

    Katrina Weaver

    this stuff is soooo gross. i cannot stand to drink it. Is it just me or how do other people drink these shakes? Is there any chance for a refund or maybe you have a solution for disguising the taste of this particular shake. We would appreciate your help on this. thanks!

  • Mountain Meadow Herbs, Inc., Admin on 11/30/2015 21:00:00


    what happened to 48 % discount and 6 shipping?